This a selection of music I have written and produced for media.


Fragments from the second season of Hijos de las Estrellas, broadcast in Latin America as well as Nat Geo and Swedish National TV. The music combines elements from different cultures of the American continent with modern instruments.

Opening of the TV Series Proyecto Arca, a series about animals in extinction by the Academy Award winning company Fábula. The music seeks to alarm society about the issue as well as to give hope and portray the beauty of our planet. 

Fragment from the documentary TV Series Misión Ciencia, commissioned by Señal Colombia. Nominated to the Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2016 for Best Music in TV Series. A group of scientist travel around South America to study the impact of global warming. The music was written for guitars, charango and orchestral instruments. 

Fragments from the first season of Hijos de las Estrellas, winner of several awards and nominated to the Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2015 for best music in TV Series. Broadcast in Latin America, Spain and Netflix. I used many South American instruments such as pan flutes, charango and quena, as well as orchestral instruments.


Animation about the Mapuches, an ethnic group from Chile and Argentina. I scored this short film using instruments from the Mapuche culture combined with western sonorities. CLICK ON SETTINGS FOR SUBTITLES.

Original music and sound design for this animation that shows how young people with disability in England are twice as likely to be bullied. Commissioned by University of Warwick, in collaboration with the UCL the LSE. I integrated sounds related to bullying in the composition and recorded young actors. 

Original music and sound design for this animation about the Selk’nam, an ethnic group from the south of Chile, now extinct. I had access to recordings of some of their chants and I recreated others and used them in their respective rituals as we see in the animation. CLICK ON SETTINGS FOR SUBTITLES.

Original music and sound design for this animation winner of the the Acquedolci Independent Film Festival 2012 ‘…For the refinement of the music writing, effectively functional to transport the viewer to an imaginary space and unconscious time…’


Fragments from the documentary about Rodolfo Llinás, a neuroscientist with outstanding achievements and praised by the scientific community. Broadcasted in Señal Colombia in February 2018. Nominated to the Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2018 for Best Music for Documentary and winner of the India Catalina Award 2019.

A documentary about an island in the south of Chile where some people claimed had contact with extraterrestrials. The music was composed and produced with synthesisers, emulating a little bit the sound or an organ, as the narrative involves religion and spirituality. CLICK ON SETTINGS FOR SUBTITLES. 

Through the eyes of a group of Americans convinced that they knew the date for the end of the world, Right Between Your Ears explores how people believe, how we turn beliefs into certainties, and mistake them for the truth. The music was written for harp and string quartet.

A documentary about a small town in the north of Chile. Here lies an upcoming Apocalypse; one not occasioned by old prophesies, but by the irresponsible hand of man himself. The music empathises progressively with the people and unifies the main themes of the film: the Aymara culture, the Maya prediction of the end of the world, and the human injustice. It was mainly written for charango, harp and viola da gamba.


Original music and sound design for the advert HyperSport for the brand Gymshark. The music was made with synthesisers and electronic percussions.

Promotional video for Breathe Arts Research, in collaboration with the NHS. I took advantage of the instruments we see on-screen to create my composition, mimicking the movements of the performers as if my music was being played by them. The music starts with the idea of an orchestra tuning and getting ready to perform.

I Wrote the music and the lyrics for this song, commissioned for this advert for the brand Dentyne.

TV ident commissioned by Endemol UK for ADTV Sports TV channel, Abu Dhabi.


MIA, who suddenly stopped talking, needs to find her lost words in order to reveal the truth behind crimes she witnessed. Original music written for harp and string trio.

A recreation of what happened in a university in Chile the day of the military coup. Music written for harp, detuned piano, synth and strings. Funded by the Chilean National Arts Council (CNCA).


A group of children from a Brussel primary school explore the relation between thinking, intuition and movement. The music was written for flute, clarinet, bassoon, percussion, piano, violin and cello.

Dino Exploradores is a Children’s TV Series about three kids who love dinosaurs. The music accompanies their adventures and 

Commissioned by Breathe Arts Health Research in 2017. The Breathe Magic programme is a fun and clinically effective way of using magic to improve physical and mental health for people with a range of conditions. The music was nominated to the Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2017 for Best Music in Promotional Video.

Breathe Magic 2012 is an innovative new way of delivering therapy for young people with hemiplegia (a paralysis on one-side of the body), with demonstrated clinical benefits. The music was nominated to the Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2012 for Best Music in Promotional Video.